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Full-Time Full Stack Developer

  • Job DurationLess than a month
  • Project LevelBasic Level

Project detail

We need to fill a replacement role are and are now looking for a technical Guru who has at least 4 years of full stack development experience on multiple platforms from simple wordpress, firebase to complex custom php, python, etc.

At least 2 years of mobile development is also needed as we need to build hybrid apps. As mentioned, this is a replacement role so taking over existing code and continuing to build on top of it is to be expected.

This individual must be able to commit 8 hours every day from Monday to Friday. Needless to say, this person should have an internet connection, computer and workstation in order to deliver on the tasks assigned. These items will not be provided.

Critical soft-skills needed are Honesty and Ethics. Working with an Ethical person is very important to me. The job is to proactively work on building and improving multiple media portals for the startup. This is a long term position which eventually leads into a permanent role.

The budget for this role is fixed at USD1, 000 per month, all fees included. Please answer the following questions when submitting an application:

1. What is your daily schedule? How are you able to commit to the 8 hours per day requirement?

2. Do respond to the requirements listed in the description to justify why you should be shortlisted? What is your experience in the 3 categories where I’m looking for support (Development in Web & Mobile & Design)?

Freelancer type required for this project


Project Completion deadline

April 15, 2021